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February 10, 2010 at 12:04 am 1 comment

McRae Family

I’m young, I’m hip, and I’m in-touch with the latest technology and social media trends, right? Not so much. I’m trying, but I tell you—the “older” generations are often much more up-to-date than I am.

Social media comes up a lot in my classes, and I can’t tell you how many times we dance around the argument that all this blogging, tweeting, and facebooking are just acts of narcissism. Are we that self-indulgent that we believe everyone really cares what’s going on during every hour of our lives? While this view may hold some validity, as a Christian community we should be connected in this way—knowing each other’s joys, hardships, struggles, and celebrations.

As I do research online for NWLC, I’ve been blown away how the Christian community has infiltrated the Internet to create this beautiful portrayal of God’s family, online. It’s constantly moving, growing, and seeking a deeper connection I believe we’re called to. I’m not trying to take credit for this discovery; it’s definitely more of a personal revelation. Because, I admit, I’m that fan who jumps on the bandwagon as it parades towards the Championships because it looks too great not to jump on! But isn’t that how Christianity should be? It should look much too grand that it would be impossible to just stand still and let it drive by, without at least chasing it for a block or two to see what your missing.

So, as I’ve followed and browsed many of your own blogs, jumping from thread to thread of the online Christian community, it has truly changed my perspective on social media all together. It certainly has its purpose, and if used correctly, can truly be a powerful tool in advocating and connecting God’s kingdom.

In my browsing, I came across the McRae family on Brian Wurzell’s blog, and their beautiful daughter, Kate, who is battling against an aggressive brain tumor. The McRae family, and their supportive surrounding community, believe in the power of prayer and have called the online Christian community to join in and pray for Kate’s healing. How easy to post a simple notice and reminder to get your community to lift Kate in prayer! You can also go to Pray for Kate for more information and their story.

Beautiful Kate


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