“Attending,” “Maybe Attending,” or “Not Attending.”

April 13, 2010 at 9:44 pm Leave a comment

As you may have seen if you’re a fan of our “Nat’l Worship Leader Conference” fan page on Facebook, we’ve created three events: One event for each conference location. We’re asking you all to go to the conference you are planning or hoping to attend and respond with “Attending,” “Maybe Attending,” or “Not Attending.” Hopefully you don’t choose “Not Attending,” which only gives you two options left. Because if you’re anything like me, these event invites cause a very stressful process, because each response carries another, alternative message within it, that needs to be taken into consideration.

If I click “Attending” I will feel obligated to go, of course, because I said I was. They are counting on me. If I click “Maybe Attending” it’s mostly because I’m not really planning on actually going, but I feel too guilty about clicking “Not Attending.” Because if I click “Not Attending,” I feel like the invite sender will think I don’t care, which is not the case. This is why I am indecisive.

So, more often than not,  I let the invite sit in my notifications because I can’t make a decision between “Attending,” “Maybe Attending,” or “Not Attending.” The invite will stay there, until the date of the event has passed, and the event will remove itself automatically, lifting the obligation to ever have to make a final decision.

So, I am asking all of you to not be like me and let those decision-making brain cells go to work and make one of the easiest decisions of the year– “Attending.” So if you’re on Facebook, go to our fan page, then click on the “Events” tab and click “Attending” for the corresponding conference. Or if you’re already logged in, just click here (http://www.facebook.com/pages/San-Juan-Capistrano-CA/Natl-Worship-Leader-Conference/55292494758?v=app_2344061033&ref=ts). Now, if you go to the event and see that only a handful of people are attending, don’t let that fool you—there are hundreds already signed up and planning to attend. They just may not be as social media savvy as the rest of you 🙂

But the point of creating these event pages is so you can start connecting with others who are attending as well. We know many of you come from out of state, and often by yourselves. Use this page to start connecting before you get to the conference. Looking for a roommate to cut down the price? Or need to carpool to the church? Post it on the wall.

Also, the event is “open” which means you can send out the invite to your own Facebook friends. This is a simple way to spread the word about the event and who will be there. And if you’re worried about feeling like you’re spamming your friends…it’s okay. They’re used to it and probably don’t really care. And besides, if you’re excited about it, it’s only natural you should want them to know about it and get excited too!


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Back from Japan and only one month left to enter into the Grand Prize contest! Song DISCovery in the Round this Thursday! And new URL coming soon!

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