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Song DISCovery in the Round this Thursday! And new URL coming soon!

So things have been pretty busy over here in the WL office for the past week. Mostly because Song DISCovery in the Round is happening in Nashville this Thursday, April 22. If you don’t know, SD in the Round is a one-day songwriting conference for anyone interested in sharpening their skill as a worship songwriter. We even created a whole new site that is meant to connect attendees before they get there. They can post a mini-bio about themselves and start discussions on a forum. Almost half of our registered attendees visited to tell everyone a little about themselves and why they’re looking forward to SD in the Round. It’s really neat–you should check out the site here!

I hope you like it, because we’re planning on doing the same thing for the NWLC conferences. We really want to provide you all with a space to connect beforehand. So be looking out for that in the near future. Another heads up, the URL for this blog will be changing soon as well. It will look the same, only new and improved, because we’re moving to a self-hosted WordPress blog. If this doesn’t quite make sense to you, don’t worry, I’m still learning too. But we’ll let you know as soon as we make the change.

But back to SD in the Round….

Since Song DISCovery is separate from NWLC (just by one floor), I don’t have anything to do with the planning of these one-days. BUT I will say, we ALL knew when Amy Grant joined SD in the Round for Nashville because everyone was so excited. Poor Suzie got the confirmation message and was screaming for joy, only to realize nobody else was in the office to hear or to share this moment with her. Amy was just such a pleasant surprise that we weren’t expecting 🙂 But everyone at SD in the Round is worth getting excited about including: Natalie Grant, Paul Baloche, Jason Ingram, Carl Cartee, Tony Wood, Matt Papa, Jennie Lee Riddle, Jonathan Allen, Glen Packiam, Calvin Nowell, Ricardo Sanchez, and our own Chuck Fromm and Phil Sillas.

So if you’re in or near Nashville, go check it out. Online registration is closed, but walk-ins are more than welcome!

Song DISCovery in the Round, Nashville

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grace Chapel
3279 Southall Rd.
Franklin, TN 37064

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Meet the Bloggers

If you want to be successful in your profession you’ll hear this one-word-advice often: Network. Networking was always a difficult idea for me to grasp and implement: You mean I have to force myself to make friends with people I don’t know and who probably don’t care about knowing me? But the more I think about networking, the more I realize it is a way of staying connected in our community of people. (Check out my last post in which I realized how the Christian community was doing this very thing online.)

We all need each other in life, community, business, church, etc. Others have resources we don’t, advice we couldn’t even think of, insights beyond our own limitations, and talents that God has given them to bless others with.  It’s only natural that we should work together, learn from each other, and help each other out, to make ourselves, and this world, better.

After browsing many blogs, twitter feeds, and more, connected to the online Christian community, I’ve learned so much from everyone with their encouraging words, and beautiful stories. A handful of bloggers who are influential within their own communities stood out to me and I invited them to blog for NWLC. I want to introduce you to the wonderful people who love to serve God, their families, and their church and community. These bloggers will be helping us spread the word about NWLC, while connecting online communities, and giving others the chance to attend a NWLC for free. Make sure to visit and keep an eye on their blogs to look for the chance to win a free registration to an NWLC near you!



Alastair Vance

Name: Alastair Vance

Church & Location: Story Church, Durham, North Carolina

Blogging for: NWLC East

Why he’s excited to blog about and attend NWLC: I have not been to a National Worship Leader Conference before so I’m looking forward to it for a couple of reasons.  First of all to learn from those who are more experienced, and secondly to meet all those people I’ve connected with online.

Connect with Alastair:

Blog –

Twitter –

You Tube –

Story Church –



Cynthia Cullen

Name: Cynthia Cullen

Church & Location: LowCountry Community Church, South Carolina

Role: Programming Director

Blogging for: NWLC Kansas

Why she’s excited to bog about and attend NWLC: “There is nothing quite like being in one place – surrounded by people that share your heart and passion for worship. That is the main reason I am so excited to be a part of the NWLC10 this year as an attender and blogger. I had many friends attending last year and I felt so much of the experience through their blogging and twittering during the sessions. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing conference and to be able to share that with the world.”

Connect with Cynthia:

Blog –

Twitter –

______________________________ ______________________________________


Brian Wurzell

Name: Brian Wurzell

Church & Location: Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Arizona

Role: Worship Director

Blogging for: NWLC Kansas & NWLC Southwest

Why he’s excited to blog and attend a NWLC: “There are few things more powerful for Worship Leaders than getting together with other Worship Leaders. We spend our days often misunderstood as the ‘weird’ artist guys and gals on our ministry teams. We wonder if that prodigy kid drummer from the youth group will actually show up on Sunday for the 7am call time. We try our best to creatively tether songs to a message we’ve never heard. We try to love, coach and shepherd other creative artist types (Lord, help us). We try to come up with algorithms that explain why the loyal sound guy cannot understand why reverb and compression don’t need to be on every channel of the sound console. The National Worship Leaders Conference is a place where we can breath out, laugh about it all, connect with each other, learn from some of the most influential voices related to our ministry and spend time worshipping without having to plan a single detail. I’m excited to see and meet many of you at the NWLC 2010!”

Connect with Brian:

Blog –

Twitter –



Pete Kim

Name: Pete Kim

Location: Virginia

Blogging for: NWLC Kansas & NWLC East

Why he’s excited to blog about and attend NWLC: One of the most challenging things about volunteer leadership is balancing family, work and church responsibilities.  Finding the time to develop myself as a worship leader, let alone serve and develop others around me often takes a back seat to family, work, and some of the other responsibilities I have at Gateway. I’m excited about my participation with NWLC to take advantage of the rare chance to step out of the “routine,” and for the new opportunities for inspiration, connection, instruction, and encouragement!

Connect with Pete:

Blog –

Twitter –



Ben Abu Saada [from All About Worship]

Name: Ben Abu Saada

Location: Kansas

Co-host of All About Worship Podcast

Blogging for: NWLC Kansas & NWLC East

Why he’s excited to bog about and attend NWLC: “Last year’s National Worship Leader Conference was my first.  The amount of encouragement and networking I was able to get from this experience is incomparable.  I’m excited to be a part of helping bring just a small taste of the NWLC10 to fellow Worship Leaders around the globe.”

Connect with Ben:

Blog – and

Twitter –



Wisdom Moon [from All About Worship]

Name: Wisdom Moon

Location: Kansas

Co-host of All About Worship Podcast

Blogging for: NWLC Kansas & NWLC East

Why he’s excited to bog about and attend NWLC: I’m very excited about the lineup this year. I’m also really looking forward to meeting other worship leaders from all over the country.

Connect with Wisdom:

Blog – and/or

Twitter –

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DJ Chuang in “New Media Pioneers” panel at the NRB conference, and will also join NWLC pre-conference “Stewards of Technology in the Service of Worship.”

As we’ve seen with online communities and interactive tools, technology is a powerful tool the church needs to be taking advantage of.  Technology and media create countless ways in which we can spread the word about Jesus, and get others to join in. The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is helping church leaders and influencers to do this more effectively and just finished a conference in Nashville, TN this past weekend. Here, our very own DJ Chuang joined a panel for “New Media Pioneers.”

DJ in action

DJ is our media guru here at Worship Leader, and we’re thankful to have him on our team. Especially me, because he helped inspire this blog and trusted me to manage it—an idea I’m sure he must have been hesitant over, but hopefully I’ve done something right. There’s really no keeping up with him though, especially on Twitter. He tweets so often that I’m pretty sure he’s part bird. But there’s always something to learn, which is why we’re excited to have him on our panel for the NWLC pre-conferences.

The pre-conference title for all three conferences this year is “Stewards of Technology in the Service of Worship.” You can see now why DJ is a perfect fit in this topic, and why it’s a relevant and essential topic to cover. The pre-conference begins the first day of the conference and includes two speakers, a panel, and a worship leader. It’s a great time to get your heart and mind focused and in the right place before the conference starts, as well as learn about an important subject that is relevant in today’s church. Don’t miss this opportunity and make sure to sign up!

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This is true community

McRae Family

I’m young, I’m hip, and I’m in-touch with the latest technology and social media trends, right? Not so much. I’m trying, but I tell you—the “older” generations are often much more up-to-date than I am.

Social media comes up a lot in my classes, and I can’t tell you how many times we dance around the argument that all this blogging, tweeting, and facebooking are just acts of narcissism. Are we that self-indulgent that we believe everyone really cares what’s going on during every hour of our lives? While this view may hold some validity, as a Christian community we should be connected in this way—knowing each other’s joys, hardships, struggles, and celebrations.

As I do research online for NWLC, I’ve been blown away how the Christian community has infiltrated the Internet to create this beautiful portrayal of God’s family, online. It’s constantly moving, growing, and seeking a deeper connection I believe we’re called to. I’m not trying to take credit for this discovery; it’s definitely more of a personal revelation. Because, I admit, I’m that fan who jumps on the bandwagon as it parades towards the Championships because it looks too great not to jump on! But isn’t that how Christianity should be? It should look much too grand that it would be impossible to just stand still and let it drive by, without at least chasing it for a block or two to see what your missing.

So, as I’ve followed and browsed many of your own blogs, jumping from thread to thread of the online Christian community, it has truly changed my perspective on social media all together. It certainly has its purpose, and if used correctly, can truly be a powerful tool in advocating and connecting God’s kingdom.

In my browsing, I came across the McRae family on Brian Wurzell’s blog, and their beautiful daughter, Kate, who is battling against an aggressive brain tumor. The McRae family, and their supportive surrounding community, believe in the power of prayer and have called the online Christian community to join in and pray for Kate’s healing. How easy to post a simple notice and reminder to get your community to lift Kate in prayer! You can also go to Pray for Kate for more information and their story.

Beautiful Kate

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I still don’t know what the acronym NAMM stands for, but I do know Bono was there

Friends: How was work?

Me: Good! I was at NAMM.

Friends: …

Me: Bono was there.

Friends: Oh wow! Did you meet him?!

Before you get the answer to that, I should explain why I was at NAMM for Worship Leader last week. If you’re ignorant like me when it comes to the music world, you have no idea what NAMM is. I didn’t either until last Friday when I went to help work the Worship Leader booth at the international event, which helps unify the global music products industry. So, after going to NAMM, I don’t know how I didn’t know what it was before. It’s huge. I got lost, and then lost my breath, trying to find my way around.

Now, I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually meet Bono. Or see him, smell him, hear him, or any other encounter you would hope for with Bono. But I did witness the first ever H.O.T. Zone. This was a “hands on training” section of the conference that offered classes for practical application, which many worship leaders, songwriters, and ministry leaders attended. Worship Leader hosted some classes of its own, one of which attracted over 100 people, featuring Tommy Walker with “How to utilize two acoustic guitars.” Of course, he played a demo. Take a look!

P.S. NAMM stands for National Association of Music Merchants. But don’t let that deceive you—the association is now international, despite the absence of an “I” in the acronym.

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