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The BIGGEST Giveaway Ever?

Wisdom and Ben over at All About Worship claim they have “The BIGGEST Giveaway Ever.” I don’t know if it competes with the NWLC Grand Prize, but it’s pretty awesome. If you’ve been entering your name into Grand Prize, check out Widsom and Ben’s giveaway for another opportunity to win a free registration. There’s a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. The 1st place winner will receive a free registration to NWLC in Kansas + 13 free CDs. There are two simple ways to enter the contest. Go to their site and check it out! But hurry, you only have until April 30!


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Back from Japan and only one month left to enter into the Grand Prize contest!

It’s April 5th, which means you have one more month to make sure your name is in the Golden Box for the chance to win the Grand Prize to NWLC10! The winner will be announced on May 5th.  If you haven’t submitted something yet, then get to it because a simple tweet or status update is well worth two free registrations, a hotel room, and airfare for two! And if you have submitted something, keeping doing it once a week to increase your chances!

And yes, I’m back from Japan! It was amazing and beautiful. The sakura blossoms (cherry tree blossoms) were blooming and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. They only bloom 7-10 days out of the year, so when they do, it’s a big deal and everyone celebrates with festivals and cheer. I feel blessed to have been able to join in and witness even a piece of it. Here’s a picture of just a few of the thousands of trees that cover Japan with their pink, delicate flowers.

When we were there, we were able to meet up with Peggy, a woman who works with Campus Crusades for Christ in Japan. Peggy grew up in California and went to Pomona College. But soon after graduation, she was called to go on a missions trip to Japan. Not too long after, God called her and her husband back to move there and do His work. They have lived in Japan, now with three children, for the past 25 years, committed to serving their community with God’s love. I just thought it was a wonderful portrayal of God’s sovereignty and a servant’s obedience to Him. I pray I could have even an ounce of that courage if God called me to do something that huge!

Same place as above, just at night. Beautiful!

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Is your name golden yet?

If your name isn’t in this shiny, golden box then it isn’t golden yet.

I made this box for the Grand Prize contest. I thought the gold represented the value of this contest—well, maybe it’s not as valuable as gold, but an entire free package (2 free registrations, 2 free airfare, and 1 free hotel room) to the NWLC in Kansas is a pretty awesome deal. This box is what your name gets dropped into when you Tweet or Facebook something about NWLC (see Grand Prize post for details).

Anyways, I wanted to show you that when I say your name has been entered for the chance to win, I really mean it. There’s a good amount of names in there already, but we’re almost into March, which means you have a little over two more months before the winner is announced May 5!

So far, if you have already entered your name, you have a pretty good chance. So don’t think this is one of the drawings that you enter into (or don’t), and then never think about again because you don’t think you’re going to win. Everyone has a good chance! So start entering your name every week to increase those chances–it’s too easy not to! Just remember to email me a screenshot or link to your post at!

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Just 3 easy steps and you could win the Grand Prize for a free trip to NWLC10!

The fun part has finally arrived! I get to give just ONE grand prize to a lucky winner who will receive:

  • 2 free registrations for NWLC10 to Leawood, KS
  • 2 round-trip coach tickets (max. $450 value each)
  • 1 free double room (max. 5 nights) at Hyatt Place

Now that you’re interested, you’re probably thinking, “Okay, I get it. This sounds great. But how do I win?! I want to win!” Okay, sheesh, I’m getting to that. Just calm down.

Here’s what you have to do in order to get your name placed into the random drawing.

Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Visit my blog! But considering you’re already here, you’re well on your way to winning that grand prize!
  2. Post about the conference. You can do this on your Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, or other social media. See below for details.
  3. Email me the link or screen shot of your post at with your name, number, and email. Make sure you’re security settings allow me to view the post ( as it often prohibits on Facebook). To avoid this, a screenshot attachment works best.

You are free to post as many times as you like, but once a week make sure you email the link or screenshot to me. Each time you do, your name will be entered in the drawing. (You are allowed only one entry per week, with a max. of 10 entries.)

If you’re already registered, we’ll refund your rates. So don’t wait and miss the discount deadlines!

What you can post:

If you post on Twitter, you must use the hashtag #NWLC10 and include in the tweet.

If you post anywhere else, just make sure to include this link that leads to the NWLC website:

If you want, link back to this blog post as well to give others the chance for this amazing opportunity!

Have fun with this, but make sure you post something that will help bring attention to the conference! We want to get as many people involved and interested about this wonderful conference that we’re so excited about!

And the winner is….

The winner will be announced Cinco de Mayo (May 5). Sounds like the perfect time to celebrate your win with a fiesta!

So let’s get started to see who will be our Grand Prize Winner! The Grand Prize Contest is officially launched! Woohoo! Happy posting everybody 🙂


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