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The BIGGEST Giveaway Ever?

Wisdom and Ben over at All About Worship claim they have “The BIGGEST Giveaway Ever.” I don’t know if it competes with the NWLC Grand Prize, but it’s pretty awesome. If you’ve been entering your name into Grand Prize, check out Widsom and Ben’s giveaway for another opportunity to win a free registration. There’s a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. The 1st place winner will receive a free registration to NWLC in Kansas + 13 free CDs. There are two simple ways to enter the contest. Go to their site and check it out! But hurry, you only have until April 30!


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Song DISCovery in the Round this Thursday! And new URL coming soon!

So things have been pretty busy over here in the WL office for the past week. Mostly because Song DISCovery in the Round is happening in Nashville this Thursday, April 22. If you don’t know, SD in the Round is a one-day songwriting conference for anyone interested in sharpening their skill as a worship songwriter. We even created a whole new site that is meant to connect attendees before they get there. They can post a mini-bio about themselves and start discussions on a forum. Almost half of our registered attendees visited to tell everyone a little about themselves and why they’re looking forward to SD in the Round. It’s really neat–you should check out the site here!

I hope you like it, because we’re planning on doing the same thing for the NWLC conferences. We really want to provide you all with a space to connect beforehand. So be looking out for that in the near future. Another heads up, the URL for this blog will be changing soon as well. It will look the same, only new and improved, because we’re moving to a self-hosted WordPress blog. If this doesn’t quite make sense to you, don’t worry, I’m still learning too. But we’ll let you know as soon as we make the change.

But back to SD in the Round….

Since Song DISCovery is separate from NWLC (just by one floor), I don’t have anything to do with the planning of these one-days. BUT I will say, we ALL knew when Amy Grant joined SD in the Round for Nashville because everyone was so excited. Poor Suzie got the confirmation message and was screaming for joy, only to realize nobody else was in the office to hear or to share this moment with her. Amy was just such a pleasant surprise that we weren’t expecting 🙂 But everyone at SD in the Round is worth getting excited about including: Natalie Grant, Paul Baloche, Jason Ingram, Carl Cartee, Tony Wood, Matt Papa, Jennie Lee Riddle, Jonathan Allen, Glen Packiam, Calvin Nowell, Ricardo Sanchez, and our own Chuck Fromm and Phil Sillas.

So if you’re in or near Nashville, go check it out. Online registration is closed, but walk-ins are more than welcome!

Song DISCovery in the Round, Nashville

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grace Chapel
3279 Southall Rd.
Franklin, TN 37064

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“Attending,” “Maybe Attending,” or “Not Attending.”

As you may have seen if you’re a fan of our “Nat’l Worship Leader Conference” fan page on Facebook, we’ve created three events: One event for each conference location. We’re asking you all to go to the conference you are planning or hoping to attend and respond with “Attending,” “Maybe Attending,” or “Not Attending.” Hopefully you don’t choose “Not Attending,” which only gives you two options left. Because if you’re anything like me, these event invites cause a very stressful process, because each response carries another, alternative message within it, that needs to be taken into consideration.

If I click “Attending” I will feel obligated to go, of course, because I said I was. They are counting on me. If I click “Maybe Attending” it’s mostly because I’m not really planning on actually going, but I feel too guilty about clicking “Not Attending.” Because if I click “Not Attending,” I feel like the invite sender will think I don’t care, which is not the case. This is why I am indecisive.

So, more often than not,  I let the invite sit in my notifications because I can’t make a decision between “Attending,” “Maybe Attending,” or “Not Attending.” The invite will stay there, until the date of the event has passed, and the event will remove itself automatically, lifting the obligation to ever have to make a final decision.

So, I am asking all of you to not be like me and let those decision-making brain cells go to work and make one of the easiest decisions of the year– “Attending.” So if you’re on Facebook, go to our fan page, then click on the “Events” tab and click “Attending” for the corresponding conference. Or if you’re already logged in, just click here ( Now, if you go to the event and see that only a handful of people are attending, don’t let that fool you—there are hundreds already signed up and planning to attend. They just may not be as social media savvy as the rest of you 🙂

But the point of creating these event pages is so you can start connecting with others who are attending as well. We know many of you come from out of state, and often by yourselves. Use this page to start connecting before you get to the conference. Looking for a roommate to cut down the price? Or need to carpool to the church? Post it on the wall.

Also, the event is “open” which means you can send out the invite to your own Facebook friends. This is a simple way to spread the word about the event and who will be there. And if you’re worried about feeling like you’re spamming your friends…it’s okay. They’re used to it and probably don’t really care. And besides, if you’re excited about it, it’s only natural you should want them to know about it and get excited too!

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Jeremy Riddle added to NWLC Southwest! And a glimpse into the top-secret happenings in Suzie and mine’s office

Moving closer to our conference dates means filling up more holes on Suzie’s whiteboard. Have you met Suzie yet? Well let me tell you about Suzie. Suzie is the “Director of Training and Development,” aka NWLC conference planner extraordinaire. Each phone call, email, grid, plan, and every other intricate detail she tackles, propels all of us towards one purpose: to make NWLC happen. I am so thankful for her, her hard work, and her commitment to everyone around her.

Suzie is generous enough to let me share her office, which is practically like being roommates. And with most roommates, you get to know each other really well. Suzie often talks to herself but I’ve learned to tune her out, which is good, except when she’s actually trying to talk to me. Oh, and we both love Oreo McFlurries. This comes in handy when we’re having a stressful day and need something to lift our spirits (because everyone knows that’s what Oreos and ice cream were made for).

So now that you’ve met Suzie, let me introduce you to Suzie’s whiteboard. Now, this whiteboard is somewhat top secret, but I’m sharing it with you anyways because it’s pretty awesome. And don’t even try to zoom in—I’ve blurred out anything you shouldn’t know yet. Yeah, it’s that top secret.

The whiteboard is the conference matrix, if you will. It is the inanimate version of Suzie, the wealth of knowledge and organization. This whiteboard displays each grid of the three conferences, reminding us who is speaking in which timeslot, which artist is performing where, and which timeslots need to be filled. Each time we announce a new artist, a hole on the whiteboard gets filled, which is like filling up your coffee cup after you lost an hour of sleep because of daylight savings time. And as the conference dates approach, the holes are slowly being replaced with amazing artists and speakers faster and faster.

Speaking of which, we’ve recently added Jeremy Riddle to NWLC Southwest! Filling that hole is better than just a cup of coffee–more like a caramel macchiato if you ask me.

One of my all-time favorite worship songs is “Sweetly Broken,” by Jeremy Riddle. I was outside of the sanctuary working the last NWLC when I heard the muffled guitar followed by the lyrics that never fail to cover me with awe-inspiring chills. Needless to say, I left the Worship Leader booth to be swept away by the current of worship that filled the room.  I can’t wait to see what Jeremy will bring to NWLC Southwest!

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Ashmont Hill confirmed for NWLC East!

As a result of a large, loving, musically talented family, Ashmont Hill was formed out of Boston. They’re joyous and sincere music envelops and invites the listener in to worship with them. New to NWLC, we’re excited to announce that Ashmont Hill will be joining us for NWLC East, Oct. 5-7, in Lancaster, PA.

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Meet the Bloggers

If you want to be successful in your profession you’ll hear this one-word-advice often: Network. Networking was always a difficult idea for me to grasp and implement: You mean I have to force myself to make friends with people I don’t know and who probably don’t care about knowing me? But the more I think about networking, the more I realize it is a way of staying connected in our community of people. (Check out my last post in which I realized how the Christian community was doing this very thing online.)

We all need each other in life, community, business, church, etc. Others have resources we don’t, advice we couldn’t even think of, insights beyond our own limitations, and talents that God has given them to bless others with.  It’s only natural that we should work together, learn from each other, and help each other out, to make ourselves, and this world, better.

After browsing many blogs, twitter feeds, and more, connected to the online Christian community, I’ve learned so much from everyone with their encouraging words, and beautiful stories. A handful of bloggers who are influential within their own communities stood out to me and I invited them to blog for NWLC. I want to introduce you to the wonderful people who love to serve God, their families, and their church and community. These bloggers will be helping us spread the word about NWLC, while connecting online communities, and giving others the chance to attend a NWLC for free. Make sure to visit and keep an eye on their blogs to look for the chance to win a free registration to an NWLC near you!



Alastair Vance

Name: Alastair Vance

Church & Location: Story Church, Durham, North Carolina

Blogging for: NWLC East

Why he’s excited to blog about and attend NWLC: I have not been to a National Worship Leader Conference before so I’m looking forward to it for a couple of reasons.  First of all to learn from those who are more experienced, and secondly to meet all those people I’ve connected with online.

Connect with Alastair:

Blog –

Twitter –

You Tube –

Story Church –



Cynthia Cullen

Name: Cynthia Cullen

Church & Location: LowCountry Community Church, South Carolina

Role: Programming Director

Blogging for: NWLC Kansas

Why she’s excited to bog about and attend NWLC: “There is nothing quite like being in one place – surrounded by people that share your heart and passion for worship. That is the main reason I am so excited to be a part of the NWLC10 this year as an attender and blogger. I had many friends attending last year and I felt so much of the experience through their blogging and twittering during the sessions. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing conference and to be able to share that with the world.”

Connect with Cynthia:

Blog –

Twitter –

______________________________ ______________________________________


Brian Wurzell

Name: Brian Wurzell

Church & Location: Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Arizona

Role: Worship Director

Blogging for: NWLC Kansas & NWLC Southwest

Why he’s excited to blog and attend a NWLC: “There are few things more powerful for Worship Leaders than getting together with other Worship Leaders. We spend our days often misunderstood as the ‘weird’ artist guys and gals on our ministry teams. We wonder if that prodigy kid drummer from the youth group will actually show up on Sunday for the 7am call time. We try our best to creatively tether songs to a message we’ve never heard. We try to love, coach and shepherd other creative artist types (Lord, help us). We try to come up with algorithms that explain why the loyal sound guy cannot understand why reverb and compression don’t need to be on every channel of the sound console. The National Worship Leaders Conference is a place where we can breath out, laugh about it all, connect with each other, learn from some of the most influential voices related to our ministry and spend time worshipping without having to plan a single detail. I’m excited to see and meet many of you at the NWLC 2010!”

Connect with Brian:

Blog –

Twitter –



Pete Kim

Name: Pete Kim

Location: Virginia

Blogging for: NWLC Kansas & NWLC East

Why he’s excited to blog about and attend NWLC: One of the most challenging things about volunteer leadership is balancing family, work and church responsibilities.  Finding the time to develop myself as a worship leader, let alone serve and develop others around me often takes a back seat to family, work, and some of the other responsibilities I have at Gateway. I’m excited about my participation with NWLC to take advantage of the rare chance to step out of the “routine,” and for the new opportunities for inspiration, connection, instruction, and encouragement!

Connect with Pete:

Blog –

Twitter –



Ben Abu Saada [from All About Worship]

Name: Ben Abu Saada

Location: Kansas

Co-host of All About Worship Podcast

Blogging for: NWLC Kansas & NWLC East

Why he’s excited to bog about and attend NWLC: “Last year’s National Worship Leader Conference was my first.  The amount of encouragement and networking I was able to get from this experience is incomparable.  I’m excited to be a part of helping bring just a small taste of the NWLC10 to fellow Worship Leaders around the globe.”

Connect with Ben:

Blog – and

Twitter –



Wisdom Moon [from All About Worship]

Name: Wisdom Moon

Location: Kansas

Co-host of All About Worship Podcast

Blogging for: NWLC Kansas & NWLC East

Why he’s excited to bog about and attend NWLC: I’m very excited about the lineup this year. I’m also really looking forward to meeting other worship leaders from all over the country.

Connect with Wisdom:

Blog – and/or

Twitter –

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10 reasons to attend NWLC Southwest in Albuquerque

One of the greatest parts about planning and attending a National Worship Leader Conference is the opportunity to travel and explore new places. And with those new places come new friends, new insights, and new outlooks. After helping plan and promote NWLC Southwest, I’ve learned a few things about Albuquerque, it’s culture, and what makes it such an intriguing place to visit. Thought I’d share.

Here are 10 reasons why attending NWLC Southwest is not only good for your ministry, but also good for you.

1. The location

I’ve never been to Albuquerque but all I hear is great things. Its sunny climate and artistically diverse culture are reasons enough to explore this Southwestern area solo or with a team.

2. Refresh and reconnect

Worship leaders like you constantly pour out so that others may fill up. This conference is designed for worship professionals and volunteers to refresh and reconnect with the heart of God and the art of your ministries.

3. Dr. Leonard Sweet

Esteemed author, preacher, professor, and scholar, Sweet is a communications expert and has valuable insights and teachings that every worship and ministry leader should hear.

4. Air adventures: Balloon rides

Albuquerque is the “Balloon Capitol of the World.” Why not take time to sail the skies in perfect summer weather conditions? I know I want to!

5. Vicky Beeching

Worship leader, songwriter, and teacher, we’re excited to have Vicky join us once more with not only her music, but also her encouraging words and teachings.

6. Calvary of Albuquerque

Calvary of Albuquerque is one of the largest churches in the nation. Senior pastor, Skip Heitzig, reaches people around the world through his multimedia ministry, several books, and his teachings on God’s Word.

7. Anthony Evans

Worship artist and songwriter, Anthony Evans, invites and inspires others to join him in worshiping God with passion and soul. He was one of my favorites from last year’s NWLC in Kansas and I’m excited to hear him again!

8. Unique and Diverse Culture

Recognized as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country, Albuquerque’s ethnic tapestry is reflected in its architecture, artwork, cultural centers and cuisine, making the city an epicenter of authentic Southwestern culture.

9. Israel Houghton

With a cross-cultural style of worship music, Israel Houghton is a perfect fit with Albuquerque’s diversity, creating a unique and compelling atmosphere for NWLC Southwest.

10. Southwest Cuisine

Food is always an incentive, at least for me. Enjoy the Native American-inspired tastes such as blue corn, squash, chili peppers, and other ingredients brought by Spanish settlers. Sounds like true soul food.

Old Town

Register on or before 3/26 to receive the next best pricing! Visit our website for more information.

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