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Back from Japan and only one month left to enter into the Grand Prize contest!

It’s April 5th, which means you have one more month to make sure your name is in the Golden Box for the chance to win the Grand Prize to NWLC10! The winner will be announced on May 5th.  If you haven’t submitted something yet, then get to it because a simple tweet or status update is well worth two free registrations, a hotel room, and airfare for two! And if you have submitted something, keeping doing it once a week to increase your chances!

And yes, I’m back from Japan! It was amazing and beautiful. The sakura blossoms (cherry tree blossoms) were blooming and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. They only bloom 7-10 days out of the year, so when they do, it’s a big deal and everyone celebrates with festivals and cheer. I feel blessed to have been able to join in and witness even a piece of it. Here’s a picture of just a few of the thousands of trees that cover Japan with their pink, delicate flowers.

When we were there, we were able to meet up with Peggy, a woman who works with Campus Crusades for Christ in Japan. Peggy grew up in California and went to Pomona College. But soon after graduation, she was called to go on a missions trip to Japan. Not too long after, God called her and her husband back to move there and do His work. They have lived in Japan, now with three children, for the past 25 years, committed to serving their community with God’s love. I just thought it was a wonderful portrayal of God’s sovereignty and a servant’s obedience to Him. I pray I could have even an ounce of that courage if God called me to do something that huge!

Same place as above, just at night. Beautiful!


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Puppies: the best distraction

Your welcome

What has the force to stop an entire office, steal attention from all eyes, and elicit squeals and remarks best found at a baby shower? Puppies. Puppies can do all the above and more. Without even trying. That’s how good they are. Even during finals week last semester at Chapman, a group on campus brought in a whole litter of puppies the students could play with to “relieve stress.” Puppy therapy – cheaper than regular therapy and way more fun.

So, the only reason puppies are relevant to this blog is because a 7-week black lab was brought into our office this afternoon. And yes, I thought twice about whether or not a puppy was blog-worthy. But with cuteness like that, how could I not share? Not sharing would be a disservice to you all.

Besides, it can be somewhat of an experiment. How many of you clicked on the link to this post just because of the word “puppies?” It’s okay, be honest. I would too.

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Rain to California is like good guacamole to Minnesota.

Both are rare, but when they happen, people get excited in a surprised sort of way and start to act irrationally.

It drizzles—drivers slow down by 20 mph.

It rains—dentist appointments get cancelled.

It pours—power fails.

And the last one brings us to our current situation here at the WL offices. Meetings being held by candlelight and interns get an excuse not to be productive. It’s great. It makes you realize how dependent we all are on technology and the Internet. Happy Blackout Monday, everyone.

UPDATE: Tuesday, 1:35 p.m.

We have tornado warnings going on. Plus, one more added day of rain. All of you who actually get weather are probably laughing at us, but we’re not used to this. It’s a big deal.

4 consecutive rain icons never happen. This is exciting stuff. I'm serious.

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