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I still don’t know what the acronym NAMM stands for, but I do know Bono was there

Friends: How was work?

Me: Good! I was at NAMM.

Friends: …

Me: Bono was there.

Friends: Oh wow! Did you meet him?!

Before you get the answer to that, I should explain why I was at NAMM for Worship Leader last week. If you’re ignorant like me when it comes to the music world, you have no idea what NAMM is. I didn’t either until last Friday when I went to help work the Worship Leader booth at the international event, which helps unify the global music products industry. So, after going to NAMM, I don’t know how I didn’t know what it was before. It’s huge. I got lost, and then lost my breath, trying to find my way around.

Now, I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually meet Bono. Or see him, smell him, hear him, or any other encounter you would hope for with Bono. But I did witness the first ever H.O.T. Zone. This was a “hands on training” section of the conference that offered classes for practical application, which many worship leaders, songwriters, and ministry leaders attended. Worship Leader hosted some classes of its own, one of which attracted over 100 people, featuring Tommy Walker with “How to utilize two acoustic guitars.” Of course, he played a demo. Take a look!

P.S. NAMM stands for National Association of Music Merchants. But don’t let that deceive you—the association is now international, despite the absence of an “I” in the acronym.


January 20, 2010 at 7:33 pm 1 comment

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