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The BIGGEST Giveaway Ever?

Wisdom and Ben over at All About Worship claim they have “The BIGGEST Giveaway Ever.” I don’t know if it competes with the NWLC Grand Prize, but it’s pretty awesome. If you’ve been entering your name into Grand Prize, check out Widsom and Ben’s giveaway for another opportunity to win a free registration. There’s a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. The 1st place winner will receive a free registration to NWLC in Kansas + 13 free CDs. There are two simple ways to enter the contest. Go to their site and check it out! But hurry, you only have until April 30!


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Song DISCovery in the Round this Thursday! And new URL coming soon!

So things have been pretty busy over here in the WL office for the past week. Mostly because Song DISCovery in the Round is happening in Nashville this Thursday, April 22. If you don’t know, SD in the Round is a one-day songwriting conference for anyone interested in sharpening their skill as a worship songwriter. We even created a whole new site that is meant to connect attendees before they get there. They can post a mini-bio about themselves and start discussions on a forum. Almost half of our registered attendees visited to tell everyone a little about themselves and why they’re looking forward to SD in the Round. It’s really neat–you should check out the site here!

I hope you like it, because we’re planning on doing the same thing for the NWLC conferences. We really want to provide you all with a space to connect beforehand. So be looking out for that in the near future. Another heads up, the URL for this blog will be changing soon as well. It will look the same, only new and improved, because we’re moving to a self-hosted WordPress blog. If this doesn’t quite make sense to you, don’t worry, I’m still learning too. But we’ll let you know as soon as we make the change.

But back to SD in the Round….

Since Song DISCovery is separate from NWLC (just by one floor), I don’t have anything to do with the planning of these one-days. BUT I will say, we ALL knew when Amy Grant joined SD in the Round for Nashville because everyone was so excited. Poor Suzie got the confirmation message and was screaming for joy, only to realize nobody else was in the office to hear or to share this moment with her. Amy was just such a pleasant surprise that we weren’t expecting 🙂 But everyone at SD in the Round is worth getting excited about including: Natalie Grant, Paul Baloche, Jason Ingram, Carl Cartee, Tony Wood, Matt Papa, Jennie Lee Riddle, Jonathan Allen, Glen Packiam, Calvin Nowell, Ricardo Sanchez, and our own Chuck Fromm and Phil Sillas.

So if you’re in or near Nashville, go check it out. Online registration is closed, but walk-ins are more than welcome!

Song DISCovery in the Round, Nashville

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grace Chapel
3279 Southall Rd.
Franklin, TN 37064

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“Attending,” “Maybe Attending,” or “Not Attending.”

As you may have seen if you’re a fan of our “Nat’l Worship Leader Conference” fan page on Facebook, we’ve created three events: One event for each conference location. We’re asking you all to go to the conference you are planning or hoping to attend and respond with “Attending,” “Maybe Attending,” or “Not Attending.” Hopefully you don’t choose “Not Attending,” which only gives you two options left. Because if you’re anything like me, these event invites cause a very stressful process, because each response carries another, alternative message within it, that needs to be taken into consideration.

If I click “Attending” I will feel obligated to go, of course, because I said I was. They are counting on me. If I click “Maybe Attending” it’s mostly because I’m not really planning on actually going, but I feel too guilty about clicking “Not Attending.” Because if I click “Not Attending,” I feel like the invite sender will think I don’t care, which is not the case. This is why I am indecisive.

So, more often than not,  I let the invite sit in my notifications because I can’t make a decision between “Attending,” “Maybe Attending,” or “Not Attending.” The invite will stay there, until the date of the event has passed, and the event will remove itself automatically, lifting the obligation to ever have to make a final decision.

So, I am asking all of you to not be like me and let those decision-making brain cells go to work and make one of the easiest decisions of the year– “Attending.” So if you’re on Facebook, go to our fan page, then click on the “Events” tab and click “Attending” for the corresponding conference. Or if you’re already logged in, just click here ( Now, if you go to the event and see that only a handful of people are attending, don’t let that fool you—there are hundreds already signed up and planning to attend. They just may not be as social media savvy as the rest of you 🙂

But the point of creating these event pages is so you can start connecting with others who are attending as well. We know many of you come from out of state, and often by yourselves. Use this page to start connecting before you get to the conference. Looking for a roommate to cut down the price? Or need to carpool to the church? Post it on the wall.

Also, the event is “open” which means you can send out the invite to your own Facebook friends. This is a simple way to spread the word about the event and who will be there. And if you’re worried about feeling like you’re spamming your friends…it’s okay. They’re used to it and probably don’t really care. And besides, if you’re excited about it, it’s only natural you should want them to know about it and get excited too!

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DJ Chuang in “New Media Pioneers” panel at the NRB conference, and will also join NWLC pre-conference “Stewards of Technology in the Service of Worship.”

As we’ve seen with online communities and interactive tools, technology is a powerful tool the church needs to be taking advantage of.  Technology and media create countless ways in which we can spread the word about Jesus, and get others to join in. The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is helping church leaders and influencers to do this more effectively and just finished a conference in Nashville, TN this past weekend. Here, our very own DJ Chuang joined a panel for “New Media Pioneers.”

DJ in action

DJ is our media guru here at Worship Leader, and we’re thankful to have him on our team. Especially me, because he helped inspire this blog and trusted me to manage it—an idea I’m sure he must have been hesitant over, but hopefully I’ve done something right. There’s really no keeping up with him though, especially on Twitter. He tweets so often that I’m pretty sure he’s part bird. But there’s always something to learn, which is why we’re excited to have him on our panel for the NWLC pre-conferences.

The pre-conference title for all three conferences this year is “Stewards of Technology in the Service of Worship.” You can see now why DJ is a perfect fit in this topic, and why it’s a relevant and essential topic to cover. The pre-conference begins the first day of the conference and includes two speakers, a panel, and a worship leader. It’s a great time to get your heart and mind focused and in the right place before the conference starts, as well as learn about an important subject that is relevant in today’s church. Don’t miss this opportunity and make sure to sign up!

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Is your name golden yet?

If your name isn’t in this shiny, golden box then it isn’t golden yet.

I made this box for the Grand Prize contest. I thought the gold represented the value of this contest—well, maybe it’s not as valuable as gold, but an entire free package (2 free registrations, 2 free airfare, and 1 free hotel room) to the NWLC in Kansas is a pretty awesome deal. This box is what your name gets dropped into when you Tweet or Facebook something about NWLC (see Grand Prize post for details).

Anyways, I wanted to show you that when I say your name has been entered for the chance to win, I really mean it. There’s a good amount of names in there already, but we’re almost into March, which means you have a little over two more months before the winner is announced May 5!

So far, if you have already entered your name, you have a pretty good chance. So don’t think this is one of the drawings that you enter into (or don’t), and then never think about again because you don’t think you’re going to win. Everyone has a good chance! So start entering your name every week to increase those chances–it’s too easy not to! Just remember to email me a screenshot or link to your post at!

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