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Puppies: the best distraction

Your welcome

What has the force to stop an entire office, steal attention from all eyes, and elicit squeals and remarks best found at a baby shower? Puppies. Puppies can do all the above and more. Without even trying. That’s how good they are. Even during finals week last semester at Chapman, a group on campus brought in a whole litter of puppies the students could play with to “relieve stress.” Puppy therapy – cheaper than regular therapy and way more fun.

So, the only reason puppies are relevant to this blog is because a 7-week black lab was brought into our office this afternoon. And yes, I thought twice about whether or not a puppy was blog-worthy. But with cuteness like that, how could I not share? Not sharing would be a disservice to you all.

Besides, it can be somewhat of an experiment. How many of you clicked on the link to this post just because of the word “puppies?” It’s okay, be honest. I would too.


February 17, 2010 at 11:24 pm 1 comment

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