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Hello everyone,

We’ve moved to www.nwlc10.com!

Go there for the latest updates on the conference. Make sure to visit the “Attendee” page and tell us about yourself! Then go to the forum and start the conversation! The 2010 National Worship Leader Conference is less than a month away and we’re busy planning for you arrival! Excited to see you in Kansas!



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Sometimes all you need is a lil prayer

We’re down to the wire in our conference planning as NWLC Southwest is less than three weeks away! We’re in the 7th inning stretch but no stretching is going on. More like running sprints to keep the adrenaline going until the end.  Bottom line, it’s stressful and at times overwhelming.

Chuck Fromm says this is when we’re “surfing on the stress,” like it’s a good thing. And it is. Well, most of the time. But sometimes, it’s easy to feel like you’re sinking rather than floating as the wave comes crashing down. This is how we felt this morning. But luckily, we had a pastor in the house (ahem, office), so we took advantage of it.

Suzie and I were working away in her office when we see Pastor Chuck Smith Jr. walk-by. Naturally, Suzie calls him in because we have a “pastor” question. So Pastor Chuck, a little hesitant but willing, comes in, and we ask him for prayer for the conference and ourselves. His prayer was spot on. He asked for peace, clarity and reminded us that our Lord is our Rock. Sometimes, the only thing that can calm nerves and relieve stress is God’s presence. No, it didn’t sweep the work pile away, but it did make us feel better 🙂

Head’s up:

Albuquerque pricing deadline was extended to June 7, so make sure to visit here to register.

And don’t forget about the Day Pass Plus if you can’t make it to the entire conference.

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*Warning: Staring at for long periods of time may give you a headache.* – Excel.

My brain has turned to mush. It turned to mush right before I though it was going to explode. The culprit? Mr. Microsoft Excel. I’ve been staring at, editing, and cross-checking many excel sheets that have to do with speakers, workshop times, room and technical needs, air travel confirmation sheets and grids. Thus, the reason for brain mush. Just don’t visualize it. It ain’t pretty. Excel should really have a warning on it.

Now I just have to deal with scattered thinking and the occasional mindless zoning. But I find comfort in the fact that perhaps it’s because I’m going to graduate in 3 days, not to mention our first regional conference is less than a month away! Needless to say, things have been pretty crazy.

Ever since the Grand Prize contest, we’ve been full swing into NWLC Southwest. And by I full swing I mean working out lots of details that make the conference functional (aka Excel sheets). But this is when the conference starts looking like a conference, which is very exciting. It’s like finding all the edge pieces of a puzzle to get the outline of the overall picture. And so far, it looks pretty good. Much like our conference t-shirt this year. I told you how we had to pick the actual shirt itself, and then many of you voted between two slightly different designs. Well, you voted, and so did we, and this will be the  final version of the design.

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It’s a tough decision, but we do it because we care.

Planning a NWLC means really daunting tasks like getting professional worship leaders and teachers, organizing speakers and rooms, coordinating with the church, laying out travel grids, and making sure we have the perfect fit for the conference shirts. Yes, this last one is an important one. It’s usually a decision that takes the entire office to make. We consult everyone, of every size and style. We try on the different shirts, sizes, and fits. Then we discuss: pros and cons, likes and dislikes, etc. It’s all very official.

It’s a difficult choice, but we do it for you. Because we care. We care that you’ll look good and feel confident in your conference t-shirt. You’re welcome. Yeah, it’s been a rough morning in the office so far.

In all seriousness, the conference t-shirt we chose is soft and comfy. They will be black with this year’s NWLC design. We’re quite excited about them and hope you will be too. 🙂

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This video announcing our Grand Prize winner deserves an entire mariachi band, fireworks, lights, and fancy effects… but it doesn’t, so just pretend 🙂 I didn’t want you guys to have to wait any longer!

Thank you again to everyone who posted and shared! This was an amazing experience for me to be able to regularly get emails from many of you. I truly cannot wait to meet you all at NWLC10! Even if you aren’t the winner, try to make it over to one of the conferences. It will be an amazing time.

And if you still need help getting there, there will be other giveaways on this blog, as well as on our NWLC bloggers’ sites. Cynthia Cullen is giving away a free registration away to Kansas on her blog tonight. So check that out here! And keep checking this blog for other opportunities! Thanks again everyone!



P.S. To everyone who entered, be checking for an email from me with a bonus offering next week!

Without further ado…

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You have until noon before the Grand Prize contest closes!

We’re down to the final hours! Once 12 p.m. hits today, the contest will be closed. Check back this afternoon for a video post announcing the winner. It could be YOU! Good luck everyone!

Update: If you don’t win today, here’s another chance for a free registration. Cynthia Cullen, one of our NWLC bloggers, is giving away a free registration on her blog today as well. Visit her blog here for the chance to win!

Update #2:

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Prayers for Tennessee

As most of you know, Tennessee is experiencing some major flooding. Even one of Worship Leader’s own, Alissa, has experienced the devastating effects of the flood, evacuating from her home and losing her car.

Here is a beautiful and thoughtful montage video made by photographer, Michael Deppisch. Keep Tennesse in your prayers.

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